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"The Artist Road" Episode 5 featuring our conversation with Samantha Aragon aka LILFRESHSAM of INFATUÉ Recorded at Abraxas Studio in Denver, CO Featuring music from: Fonzie Pries William Sam is the definition of making a choice about your life and going after it full force. She has grown and built a fantastic brand around herself and her art.

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Artist Spotlight, Music Series, Podcast -

In this Episode we meet back up with Lucas Zhao (www.lucaszhaophoto.com) from the first time we tried to record with him a few months back. At the time it was our first recording and our setup was a bit Frankenstein and certain parts did not turn out without a LOT of editing, so we decided to scrap it and do a round 2 and this one was a great conversation about his recent travels, we dive into some theories and philosophies as well as many other topics. 

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