The Artist Road EP6 - XLUSIV

The Artist Road EP6 - XLUSIV

This episode is dedicated to Spieegels (@spieegels on instagram). Follow Spieegels!
We decided to leave the intro/test recording first few minutes in because it was pretty funny. 

This episode we have the one and only XLUSIV on the show. He is a prolific multi-talented artist creating digital art, jewelry, clothing, hat pins, pop sockets and lunch boxes. 
He has done work for STS9, Bassnectar, Yonder Mountain String Band, ALT-J, Pretty Lights, and many, many more. Charlie does work with Conscious Alliance in art that gives back. Please 
follow and support them in any way you can! 

This was a fun episode, we go all over the place from design, to upbringing, how great Air Fryers are and a host of other awesome shit. I think you'll enjoy it.
I (DSQISE) have known Charlie since middle school, but we recently only reconnected a few months ago after years. He has grown and is just killing shit as an artist.
We are grateful to have him on the pod, and if you enjoy it, please share this and leave us a review!
Support XLUSIV and buy his art!
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